FitVault SDK
A versatile health and fitness data aggregation solution used by insurers, corporates, personal trainers, and technology builders within their own mobile apps.

Introducing the FitVault SDK

A versatile health and fitness data aggregation solution tailored for health insurers, empowering them with real-time, customizable, and relevant client information.

The SDK provides seamless integration with various wearable devices, aggregating minute-by-minute health and fitness data to optimize client service, underwriting, and rewards. Our innovative solution addresses insurers' regulatory challenges surrounding user data privacy and segmentation and offers complete flexibility. Insurers can define their qualifying criteria based on their customers' unique needs, making it adaptable to various age groups, demographics, and even injury or rehabilitation statuses.


Powerful features keeping your data safe and private

Comprehensive health assessment based on Sleep, Fitness, Movement, and Live scores

Device agnostic, enabling users to choose their preferred fitness devices and activities

Customizable qualifying criteria for a truly personalized approach

Supports regulatory compliance regarding data privacy and user segmentation

Efficient and effective tracking of clients' health and fitness data

Real-time demographic ranking for users to self-monitor against peers


Seamless deployment within the client's environment, allowing for easy integration into existing systems

Simplifies development and reduces the need for building complex integrations or data warehouses

Enables customization to meet specific business requirements, providing a tailored solution

Facilitates regular updates and improvements, ensuring your application stays up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements

Embrace the future of health and fitness tracking with FitVault SDK, providing clients with a personalized, data-driven experience without the need for complex integrations or building data warehouses. Create your solution using our SDKs and transition seamlessly when ready. FitVault SDK propels you into tomorrow, today.